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It’s Not About Economics

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Saturday, 24 October 2009


It’s Not About Economics


One of the most common statements I hear about “A World Without Money” and Resource Based Economies in general are that they are economically unfeasible. Yet this way of looking at the problem is too narrow minded. Not only will the rules of economics be obsolete, but economics itself will not even be relavent.
What will happen when robots/computers take all our jobs? Of course, they might never be able to do everything, but really, they don’t have to. When the number of jobs becoming automated increases to a certain level – which I assure you that it will – there are going to be problems regardless. Things as we know it will collapse, and the world will face unemployment the likes of which we have never seen.
Will no available work cause mass poverty? If it does, the people will have nothing, and there will eventually be massive social downturn. At the moment, we’re all being kept relatively sweet, but when the middle class can’t feed themselves, society isn’t going to last very long.
Or there’s the possibility of a dangerous government “cutting a deal” with the people, promising small benefits while taking away more liberties or causing even more serious problems.
Alternatively, no available work could have some very different implications.
People could learn the beauty of self sufficiency and frugality. Their lives could become not about work but about living.
This would be fueled further by advances in technology making it easier to reduce our reliance on the current economic system. With technology such as home factories, personal automation, self sufficient energy solutions, and automated agriculture and transportation, the everyday person will no longer need to go out to work.
Will there still be a need to trade when we have all our basic needs? Perhaps there will always be a need for some kind of economics to trade in more luxurious items, creative works, and certain, otherwise unobtainable services. But this will be minimal when everyone has most of the things they need and perhaps won’t have anything to trade anyway.

So say what you like about ‘economics’ – you might as well talk about traffic issues in Antarctica.

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October 26, 2009 at 10:13 pm

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