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Are You A Consumer? Or A Creator?

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One of the reasons it is so challenging to envision a Resource Based Economy is that most of us (especially Americans) think of ourselves as Consumers.

Consumers ask the question, “Where can I get the money to buy the stuff I want and need?”

Creators ask the question, “Do I have the resources to create this?”

If we see ourselves as Consumers, then the process of creating often boils down to, “Where do we get the money to buy the stuff we need to create what we want?”  This unfortunate process detracts from the creative process, and can leave us feeling frustrated and empty.

In a lecture on TED Talks,  Daniel Pink explains how financial incentives interfere with the creative process.  (The video is embeded on website here: Money motivates action that requires no problem solving or creative thinking.  And yet, money is considered the primary source of motivation in our economy!

Before we can successfully move from a money based to a Resource Based economy, we must begin to redefine ourselves – to make the quantum leap from seeing ourselves as Consumers, to seeing ourselves as the Creators we truly are.

Economies do not run on money.  Economies run on people!  We can have an economy without dollars, trade, barter or exchange.  We can create a society that is fueled by the creative genius within each and every one of us – that creative genius that is crushed by financial incentives.

The key word is “CREATE”.  To create the peaceful, abundant, healthy, and FUN world we all want – start seeing yourself as CREATOR!

Note: Please share your experiences with creating and consuming, and how those two experiences have impacted your own personal “economy” (ie. how rich do you really feel?)


Written by Ilana

November 19, 2009 at 12:34 am